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I used to see doctor Pat Little but she is not with the group anymore so when I try to make an appointment, the scheduler set me up with doctor Marsi.

They had me complete the form for Opioid monitoring which I thought was good since I have back pain due to my lower lumbar fusion not healing, neck pain due to 3 previous fusions, and shoulder pain due to tendon tears.

Then they had me provide urine for testing before seeing the doctor.  If I had known the outcome, I would have left.

I showed the doctor my pain medications but he said he does not prescribe those and only wanted to do some procedures for my neck which wasn't even my most painful location.  He gave me some prescription for Celebrex, which is similar to aspirin.

All these waste of time, costs 500 dollars for the visit and almost 5000 dollars for the urine tests.

Don't waste your money on these people.  I wish I knew better
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Scott A. Berger, M.D.
Welcome to any and all viewers of our Pain Blog. Dr. Michelle Mina and I have dedicated our entire careers to helping people with chronic pain live better and more fulfilling lives. We will be using this forum to inform our patients and viewers of the latest and great techniques available to diagnose and treat chronic pain. Stay tuned.
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This page is reserved for things that I will be blogging about in my daily practice of pain management. Stay tuned for good things to come.
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